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Racking Installer

Location : Salt Lake City, UT
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Start Date : 11/29/2017
End Date : 12/13/2017
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Job Industry : Construction

Job Description :

   Assemble off the lift platforms storage shelving, rack shelving, structural shelving and steel shelving systems.

  Use hand tools, cordless power tools, and mechanical assembly tools while handling materials and fasteners.


  Bolt aligned steel members in position for permanent fastening, bolting, or welding into place.


  Connect columns, beams, and girders with bolts, following blueprints and instructions from supervisors.


  Drive drift pins through rivet holes in order to align rivet holes in structural-steel members with corresponding holes in previously placed members.


  Pull, push, or pry structural-steel members into approximate positions for bolting into place. 

Required Qualifications :


  Must possess a high degree of safety awareness.

  Experience in warehouse rack assembly below 25ft. 

  Self-motivated; results oriented; task oriented. 

  Mechanically inclined.

  Willingness to accept instruction and a variety of new tasks.

  Must be comfortable working at heights of up to 30 feet.





  Construction experience OR experience in warehouse rack assembly.

  Familiar with man lift equipment and its operation.




All PPE required: Hard hat, steel toe boots, work gloves, safety vest and work goggles.


Some or all of the following:


  Any or all Basic hand tools, and a tool box or bag

  Tape Measure

  2LB Small Sledge Hammer

  Level (7-10 inch)

  Band Cutters (tin snips)

  3/8” Ratchet set with Standard Sockets ranging from 3/8” to 1” (deep well recommended)

  Standard Wrench set

  Set of Standard Allen Wrenches

  Line Up Pin or Drift Pin (8 to 10 inches long)

  Square (small carpenter one)

  Chalk Box



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